Monday, November 10, 2008


So it was time for the first Halloween in the US. My expectations were as usual sky high, and wow how disappointed I got! Not... it was a great day and even greater night. The preparations for the weekend were like anything you're trying to plan, it’s a last minute fix. We started on Tuesday with brainstorming and looking through all the stores that was filled with crap for Halloween, and the result was, nothing. So on Wednesday we tried a new approach and when to the Salvation Army. But the cloth in there was as bad as the smell. The panic stated to come. What the f!#*k should we where for Halloween??? But that same night we got a helping hand from an Italian Madonna. Not only did she come up with a great outfit, but she also knows where to buy the stuff needed and in was all very cheap. The guys from A Clockwork Orange were back in town! With myself as the lead character Alex, of course!...the only problem at this point was that I hadn't seen the movie and know nothing about it. So on Thursday we had to watch the move to be able to really get into the character. And what a character! One of the craziest and most psycho movies I have seen in a long time.

But when Halloween arrived we were ready, and boy did we look good! The whole gang was gathered and we looked just like the movie (except for a lot of stuff). the evening started off at our place, appartment 4, which was decorated with carved pumpkins from the day before and our friends was invited; the cop, the prisoner, Rambo, the maid, the Gypsy, the Italian mafia, etc. we know that this was going to be a long night since this was only the first stop out of 4 this evening, but that didn't stop us from raising our glasses over and over and.... you get the picture.

the 2:nd stop of the evening was at Mamma Mia, lots of Italians and lots of fun, the super sized limo had to go two rounds to be able to get everyone to the 3:rd place. Me and my gang was left behind to wait for the second round, so will we were waiting we mingled with the other guest and had some more drinks, good times.

The limo arrived and the ice cube war started inside the limo that took us to the 3:rd place. I was starting to get a bit tipsy at this point so I can't really remember where we whent. but it was fun, until the point when an American dressed as a pirate offered me a drink, which I off course accepted, and it must had been drugs in it, because after that drink a was totally wasted out of my mind! Thanks a lot pirate!! So after this pit-stop was we finally on our way to the main party.

The place was packed with people in the most odd and beautiful outfits. I was mingling hard and I don't think that anyone could miss Alex from A Clockwork Orange, aka I, who was way too much into character at this point, swinging my Cain at people being way to touchy and saying things with my best British accent that didn't make sense. But overall was this a great party, and day, and I am really glad that I was here to be a part of it.

PS. this blog post goes out as an apology to all the people that ran in to me, but all I can say is that I’m sorry, but it was all the American pirates fault!=)

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